Berkshire Marching Band Rocks Solon’s Band Bash

On the night of Saturday, September 7, Berkshire High School’s marching band traveled to Solon High School to take part in the annual Solon Band Bash. There, they played alongside bands from nine other schools with the total number of performers numbering just over 1,000. During each song, talent shone through; drum majors twirled staffs, drummers stood on their heads, and directors danced along with their bands.

But Berkshire’s band was something to be proud of. Although they were the second smallest group in attendance, they were just as loud as the bigger bands and had an incredible amount of enthusiasm.  They marched sideways and backwards, forming shapes and patterns. It was quite the sight to behold. And don’t forget the Badgerettes and Majorettes. Those ladies are quite talented. I will never be able to get my leg up half as high as they can or twirl knives without killing anyone. The show was AMAZING.

So here’s a shout out to each member of the band, Badgerettes and Majorettes as well as all the parents, assistants, and the director. You are doing something right because everyone in those stands was blown away!

Anna Carlson, BP Assistant Editor writes for the Badger Pause, the Berkshire Junior and Senior High news site.

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