Berkshire Students Attend Career Day

The Berkshire School District and the Geauga Growth Partnership announced the successful completion of an all-day session for sophomores on workforce preparation. The program was held on April 24 at Kent State’s Geauga campus and was the first event in a series of planned activities for Berkshire students. The program focused on workplace soft skills, resume-writing, and interviewing. Other activities are planned to educate Berkshire students about Geauga County job opportunities and workplace expectations.

The April 24 event was planned by a Berkshire/GGP working group composed of Berkshire Superintendent Douglas L. DeLong, Berkshire guidance counselor Michelle Begaglia and teachers Maria Ritter, Meghan Hull, and Kelly Timmons; Great Lakes Cheese human resources managers Tamara Hagerty and Stacey Barbe, and John Wilhelm, chair of the GGP Education Task Force. Event participants included members of the planning group, plus representatives of Geauga County businesses Arms Trucking, Company 119, Duramax Marine, Exscape Designs, Geauga Park District, Gold Key, Great Lakes Cheese, Saint Gobain, Tangent Corporation, and Troy Chemical Industries.

“We are delighted to partner with Geauga County companies in bringing greater awareness of workplace requirements to our students.”

“We are delighted to partner with Geauga County companies in bringing greater awareness of workplace requirements to our students,” said Berkshire Superintendent DeLong. “Whether our graduates enter the workplace directly out of high school or after more education, employer needs and expectations should be front and center in their minds,” he said.

John W. Epprecht (Great Lakes Cheese), GGP Chairman, said, “If there’s one thing that Geauga County businesses agree on, it’s the importance of a qualified workforce. We’re looking forward to working with the Berkshire district and other Geauga County schools to increase student and parent awareness of the education and training that we’re looking for.” Epprecht applauded the work of the GGP Education Task Force, led by John W. Wilhelm, for planning practical steps to collaborate with the Berkshire schools. In addition to Wilhelm and Epprecht, the GGP Task Force includes Carolyn Balogh (Mar-Bal), Jay Fairfield (The HF Group), Richard J. Frenchie, Lee Imhof (Troy Chemical Industries), John Steigerwald (Etna Products), and Keith Tompkins.

For more information, contact Doug DeLong or John Wilhelm.

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Geauga Growth Partnership, Inc. is a business-led organization dedicated to the retention, growth and attraction of jobs, investment and economic growth in Geauga County. For more information visit us online or call 440-564-1060.

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