Bicentennial Farms: Treasures From the Past Continue to Live On

Even a short drive through Geauga County’s countryside will unmistakably give you the pleasure of witnessing one of the 18 Ohio Historic Family Farms designated in Geauga County and the list continues to grow…

Something special took place this year!  Geauga County now has three farms that have reached bicentennial stature. The Moseley Farm of Thompson was recently added this year.  The farm joins the Clarke/Sudyk Farm (1818) of Huntsburg and the Haskins Farm (1818) of Bainbridge. How amazing is it that not only has a farm been in operation for that long, but also by the same family for over 200 years!

The Moseley Farm received designation as an Ohio bicentennial farm this year. The farm located at 6153 Madison Road in Thompson is owned by Moseley Farm Inc.  Moseley Farm Inc. comprises cousins Dale Moseley, Fred Moseley, Nathan Moseley, Carl Moseley, Carol Buschur and Catherine Moseley.  On November 18th, 1810, Noah Moseley arrived from Springfield, MA and purchased the land for $1120.  Noah arrived here with his family consisting of three boys and five girls.  He passed away in 1860 at the age of 93. Most of his children lived close and raised large families of their own. The farm was originally a sheep, dairy, hay, grain, timber and maple syrup farm. In the 1950s it was designated as a tree farm through the American Tree Farm System in Ohio.  And the delicious maple syrup harvested on the farm won 2015’s maple hall of fame for Geauga County. It was originally over 246 acres and currently is still a working farm at nearly 174 acres.  Soybeans, corn and hay are currently harvested on the acreage.

(From left to right) Catherine Moseley, Carol Buschur, Carl Moseley, Dale Moseley, Fred Moseley, and Nathan Moseley

On September 4th, Carol surprised her cousins:  Catherine Moseley, Carl Moseley, Dale  Moseley, Fred   Moseley, and Nathan  Moseley who were visiting and celebrating family and fun at the Great Geauga County Fair. Carol unveiled all her hard work that she had done to have the farm designated as a bicentennial farm.  It was a proud moment to see the family together and celebrating 200 years of family, hard work, and dedication.

Some things remain the same as you drive north on Madison Road.  On a crisp fall afternoon, the sun lights up the red cow barn showcasing the big white “M” that is proudly displayed on the barn.  It has overlooked the farm since the 1950’s. There is no doubt that history, tradition and strong family values run deep in Geauga County. Congratulations to the Moseley Farm Inc.


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