Bulk Foods, Hardware, Bakery, Deli at Nauvoo Family Market

Nauvoo Family Market

Ray and Barbara Detweiler started their business Nauvoo Family Market to try and help their daughters find work. “We bought the business from an elderly couple and we built a building right at the house for this,” Ray Detweiler said. Detweiler explained that the family business was “basically like bulk food when we started.”

He gave a history of the company. “We grew out of the building and moved down the street into a bigger building.” And move they did – that move increased their store space from 1,800 square feet to 7,400 square feet. “We’ve been here for almost four years,” he said.

Meat on a scaleNauvoo Family Market has also grown in its products and services as well during that time. “We’ve added a hardware, bakery, and deli to our new location.” One of the trademarks of this family owned and operated business is their bakery. Their donuts got them critical acclaim by being included in the voting for the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s best donuts in the area. Detweiler explained the bakery is an exciting part of their business. “The bakery girls start at like 3 a.m.When they start early they are gone early too.” He is proud of the fact that their business has early hours where folks can enjoy their donuts as well as their other baked goods. They are open Monday-Friday starting at 6 a.m.

The bakery is also special to the market as it was added to the business. He explained, “We partnered up with a couple that worked out of a bakery. The head of the bakery worked out of her home. We moved it all over here and that’s when we started our bakery. It started out ‘a little bit’ and now it’s more than, ‘a little bit.’ ”

In addition to that, the bakery has also been one of the successes of the business. “The bakery has been a big success for us. The deli has also been a big success for us,” he said. Most recently they have added some other departments that have proven beneficial for their business. “In November of last year we added a rental department. This is small machines and tools and it is doing very well for us too.”

Nauvoo Family Market is proud that they notice the needs and wants of their customers and act on them. They add different products and services as they are requested or the market is available to accommodate. They work with a number of suppliers within the tri-state area and buy their products in bulk. They also buy their bakery orders in bulk. Detweiler said, “We get bigger quantities and break them down into little bags or containers.” This seems to be a win with their customers. “We’ve had people come here for our spices and break them down in smaller containers. They say it’s much better than the pre-packaged stuff. It’s a lot fresher, people like it.”

Nauvoo Family Market also tries to buy items locally. “We try to stay local and buy our supplies here,” he said. The market offers the quality items you want. They have more than five years of business experience. Customers will appreciate being in the store and the friendly staff that will help them with every need while shopping in the market. They also offer a number of items in bulk quantities. The bulk quantities help customers get the most value for their dollar when purchasing items.

Detweiler said the number one piece of advice he would give someone starting a business is keeping your customers happy. “That’s the main goal. You can have the most off day. Some days are good and some days are bad. But for a businessman, when a customer walks in the door, he’s the most important person in the whole store,” he added. “Do as much as you can for them.”


Nauvoo Family Market carries bulk foods, fresh bakery items, deli, local cheese, Coleman supplies, hardware, wagons, scooters, and more. They service the following Geauga County, Lake County, Middlefield, Burton, Troy, Mesopotamia, Parkman, Hiram, Mantua, and Garretsville.

Nauvoo Family Market

If you would like to visit Nauvoo Family Market, check out their website or call them (440) 632-5584.

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