Burgers-n-Beer Offer Unique Menu Items with a Twist

Looking for a great burger that’s not too far out of Geauga County?

With the best burgers in Northeast Ohio, Douglas Ciancibello started his business Burgers-n-Beer in downtown Willioughby at the right time and with a great product. The lively bistro specializes in stuffed burgers, jumbo wings, fresh-cut sweat potato fries and the signature Mimi’s ribs, which in Douglas’s opinion are probably the best in the planet.

Burgers-N-Beer Willoughby

For those local in Lake and Geauga County, Burgers-n-Beer is a very popular restaurant and the colorful tavern has been a gateway to Historic Downtown Willoughby for over 14 years. The restaurant offers free valet parking on Friday and Saturday nights.

A unique twist to Burgers-n-Beer’s classic menu is their Burger’s Breakfast Club Saturday & Sunday 7am-1pm. You’ll be greeted with classic breakfast items like egg combinations with bacon or ham, pancakes, french toast and omelettes. However, the breakfast sandwiches really stand out at this lively breakfast event. Try Anthony’s Abundant Pepper & Egg Sandwich or Maddex’s Marvelous Sausage Gravy & Biscuits.

Every department we have from our servers, to our cooks and assistant cooks, bartenders and our busboys are excited about a restaurant that is busy,” Douglas says. “When you get the publicity, the compliments and positive reviews on social media, our staff is always proud to work in a restaurant like that.

Burgers-n-Beer has established their niche in downtown Willoughby and over the years, the restaurant has really been successful. The staff takes pride in delivering the best product and it really makes a difference everyday.

Over the years, the best marketing success that Burgers-n-Beer has had is word-of-mouth. When friends and family recommend the restaurant to other Lake and Geauga County residents, the positive feedback brings more people into the downtown Willoughby restaurant.

When you have a happy customer,” Douglas says, “that customer will tell 20 other people they had a great burger. That will grow the business.”

As social media and newer forms of marketing in the digital sphere become more important to the success of small businesses, Burgers-n-Beer has been able to adapt to the changing market environment with agility.

Over the years we’ve used newspapers and magazines as our media but we have found that now it is Facebook and new things like that. It’s a combination of things that get the word out,” Douglas Ciancibello shares. “Social media is playing a really big part in today’s marketing.”

Getting involved with the local community has been a great way for Burgers-n-Beer to share their business with others and promote good causes.

We have been involved in a lot of fundraisers helping school situations. Word about that also gets into the neighborhoods and spreads,” Douglas says.

In a community like Willoughby and the go-to area like downtown Willoughby, Burgers-n-Beer plays a vital role in making the area attractive not only to young people but people of all ages. There is a lot of activity in the area. Burgers-n-Beer provides locals with a quality food option when they are looking for a night out and to have fun. Besides great food, it also offers a number of stable jobs to local residents.

Breakfast Club Burgers-N-Beer Willoughby

My guest list is from 8-months old to 80-years old,” Douglas shares. “So our traction in Willoughby is excellent for all ages. All of the restaurants and bars involved in downtown Willoughby are responsible for that. So we play an important part of that.”

We have an organization DTW Bar & Restaurant Association and we make sure every third Saturday of the month there is an event. Whether there is chili cook off for the Willoughby state school system, or a Rib Burnoff in May that supports the USO, we always look for ways sponsor these events and bring the community together,” Douglas says.

For someone looking to start a small business or restaurant, Douglas offers some words of wisdom.

“You have to be persistent. It’s not an easy business market. You have to earn what you get. The only way you can do that is with persistence and financial backup.”

Next time you are visiting Historic Downtown Willoughby visit Burgers-n-Beer for some burgers or their world-famous Mimi’s Ribs. You can find all the current updates on their Facebook page as well as more info about their Breakfast Club

Come in, try some food, and tell us what you think.

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