Burton Chamber of Commerce: A Local Resource

Last night I attended my second Burton Chamber of Commerce meeting.  It was held at the Kent State Geauga branch, and I enjoyed meeting some new friends and learning about some of the exciting resources that are available to myself and any local resident.

I was originally encouraged by Sue Wayman of Coffee Corners to join when she heard about the Geauga News and I am very happy that I did.  I am someone who tends to rely on technology to gather my information, so joining a group that meets face to face is not my normal manner of networking.

Burton Ohio Chamber of Commerce
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What I found at this meeting and the previous one was pleasantly surprising.  There are some very valuable resources that my local Chamber of Commerce provides that I want everyone to be aware of.

1. Wisdom:

As a young business man one of the things I enjoy most is having the opportunity to listen to older more experienced community leaders talk about how they do business.  Some small business owners say that they prefer doing things their own way, but as I’ve started to observe the successful entrepreneurs around me, I’ve realized that they are all practicing similar good business principles.

Last night I listened to the owners of Newbury Printing, JC’s Restuarant, and Beaches and Dreams Travel share their advice and experience with the others around us while we ate dinner.  Because I am someone who is always looking to improve how I operate my business and treat others, I look for times like this where I can learn from the experience of older wiser community members.

2. Information:

At each meeting I have been at, there have been local leaders speaking about different events and opportunities that are available here in Burton and in the county.  In January’s meeting Tracy Jemison explained how the Geauga County financial budget works, and as a younger resident who has never heard local government finances explained, it was very interesting and informative.

Last night we heard about a range of interesting local items:

Kent State Geauga Shared:

  1. About their plans to use the greenhouse and 87 acres of land they have for green initiatives and local agriculture.  They are forming teams to review the best possible options for this land.
  2. They are also building a new community meeting room that will be available for any local community group to use.  Currently there are areas available, but this new room will be dedicated specifically to that purpose.
  3. It was also interesting to learn that the average Kent State Geauga students are older, working adults classified in the academic world as Non Traditional Students.  What does that mean?  It means that if you’ve ever considered going back to get higher education there and you are a working adult or parent, you’ll fit right in!  Stop by and check them out soon.  You’ll be glad you did.

Other Chamber Members Shared:

  1. More updates about the opportunity to be involved during the Ohio Chautauqua event.  They are currently looking for corporate sponsors for the event, so if you are interested or want to know anything further contact the Geauga Historical Society.
  2. Anyone who would like to participate in hanging the buckets for Maple Sugar tapping can participate at 8am this coming Saturday the 4th, and 10am the following Saturday the 11th on the square in Burton.  Participants will be meeting at the log cabin.
  3. Finally, each member introduced themselves and shared what business or program they are a part of locally in Burton.  It was great to put a face and a name  to the different businesses that I frequent in my hometown.

3. You Have a Community:

One of the things that I’ve come to love about Geauga County is the warm community that we have.  Knowing and interacting with the different local establishments and their owners and operators has always been a joy.  Being a part of the chamber has been a new and more intimate way to connect with those that live and work so closely to me.  When we start out somewhere new, or start our own company, it is easy to feel like we are all alone when we are facing a difficult time.  The truth is, that if we choose to reach out and connect, there are some wonderfully good neighbors right in our own hometown.

Do you participate in your local Chamber of Commerce?  If so, I would love the opportunity to come to a meeting and meet all of you.  Geauga News is here to spread positive local news about what is happening in your town, so please contact us and let us know what good news we can share.

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