Campaign Goal: Accomplished

Successful campaign means Observatory Park is built entirely by private funds

The Geauga Park District Foundation is pleased to announce it has exceeded its goal by raising $2,167,452 for the development of Observatory Park.

Geauga Park District used these private funds to construct a state-of-the-art facility on 1,100 acres of protected land.

Observatory Park

“Notably, 49 percent of the funds raised were from individuals and families, while the balance came from private foundations,” said William Ginn, honorary chair of the campaign. “We can all be proud that Observatory Park offers top-notch programming with a focus on science, education, and ‘dark sky’ preservation; unique and interesting site features which urge us to interact with the night sky; stunning educational trails; a beautiful habitat for wildlife; and a campus featuring ‘green’ facilities, covered and open space for events and meetings.”

In the past year, the addition to Geauga Park District’s normal staff of two part-time astronomy educators has enabled the park to engage more than 1,500 people monthly in public programs. Another exciting outcome of Observatory Park’s focus on science education is the fact that nine schools have already scheduled field trips aligned with Ohio’s Science Education Content Standards – and requests keep coming in.

With the goal of establishing the park accomplished, the Geauga Park District Foundation will begin fundraising next year for the renovations needed at the contiguous Nassau Astronomical Observing Station, thus completing the vision for the Observatory Park.

“With the help of the multiple stakeholders in its important mission, we will have achieved another enduring asset for Geauga Park District,” added Ginn.

Learn more about the Capital Campaign for Observatory Park.

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