Cardinal Father & Army Vet Visits Classroom for Veteran’s Day

Vet Visit_Son FB
Tanner C., poses with his father, an Army Veteran, during his visit to class on Veteran’s Day.

The Cardinal School District would like to send a very special “thank you” to Jacob Clark, father of first grade Tanner, who took time to come in and speak to Mrs. Pike’s class on Veteran’s Day.

Mr. Clark is an Army Veteran and he spent an hour with the class talking about his experiences in the military and answering student’s questions. Students really enjoyed looking at the Army Combat Uniforms (ACUs) Mr. Clark brought in and the various patches he’s earned.

Vet Visit FB
Army Veteran Jacob Clark shows first grade students in Mrs. Pike’s room part of his Army Combat Uniform during a Veteran’s Day visit to class.

“This was a really unique experience for the class, to have a peer’s dad come in and just talk to them about being in the military,” says teacher Kate Pike. “They had a lot of questions about his service and he was kind enough to answer all of the questions and used pictures and videos to help students gain a better understanding of some of the items he was speaking about.” Mr. Clark also brought every student a coloring book and an American Flag!

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