Cardinal High School Seniors A-Tack the Map!

ATak Map FB
Angelica W. stands next to the large Ohio map she made showing where all of the post-secondary schools are in Ohio. When seniors commit to a college or university, they’ll place a tack on the map where they plan to attend in the fall.

As Cardinal High School Seniors commit to a college (in Ohio or out of state), they will “a-tack” an Ohio map and place a pin on the town where they will begin their post-secondary schooling. Students will also have their pictures taken and placed on the guidance webpage.

“We thought this would be a fun way to recognize our students as they make this important choice in their lives,” says Guidance Counselor Jill DeRamo.  “It will be fun for everyone in the building to have an idea where our graduates are heading after graduation, so we are all excited to see where our students go!”

A huge thanks to Angelica W. for volunteering her time to create this Ohio map for students to “a-tack”!

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