Cardinal Middle School Students Get a Taste of Transition


Some students at Cardinal Middle School took over the classroom kitchen to put their recent culinary lessons to the test. Approximately 20 students from Ms. Berigan’s, Miss Karg’s, Mrs. Libby’s and Mr. Ruscitto’s classes participated in the activity on Friday, January 23. “Once a month our classes get together to participate in a project like this,” says instructor Karen Berigen. “The group activity gives students a chance to apply the transition and career-readiness skills they’ve been learning about in class, and this time they get a little snack to go with their efforts!”

Students in the 8th grade classes gave presentations on kitchen safety and hygiene rules to the group before students washed hands and split into groups for their cooking activities. Once at their stations, students were eager to follow recipe instructions to concoct their culinary creations.

With the help of teachers and four Cardinal High School student volunteers, the middle school chefs made mini-pizzas, no-bake cinnamon rolls, and S’mores – all of which got a rousing “thumbs up” after a taste test! One student was heard saying, “This was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to try this at home with my family!”

Instructing students on transition and career-readiness goals together as a group is a new part of the curriculum this year at the Middle School. Each month the students in the teacher’s last period classes focus on a new goal and then participate in an activity that utilizes that goal. “We’ve seen tremendous success so far this year in implementing these activities as a group with our students,” says Berigen. “As an educator, nothing is more satisfying than seeing your students succeed using a lesson or skill they learned in the classroom.”

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