Cardinal Schools News – Students Study Animal Classifications & Remote Learning Registration Now Open


Our first graders have been learning about animal classifications. To help them better understand the lesson students participated in a classroom lab where they had to take a look at 24 different animals and identify which classification they belonged in – spider, insect, reptile, amphibian, fish, bird, or mammal. This year, because of the coronavirus, science consultant Mr. Claire Zurbuch created a different way for students to complete the lab.  Normally students work in groups and travel from table to table to identify the animals. This year the animals were attached to individual poles and students had to walk around the room on their own, visiting one station at a time, and try to determine which classification each animal belonged to. The students then recorded their answers on a sheet. Students did well this year working on their own to find the answers and keeping their distance. Great job everyone and thanks to Mr. Z for coming up with a new way to do this experiment.


First grade students in Ms. Maxwell’s first grade class study various animals to determine which animal classification they belong to. The lab had to be set up differently this year due to COVID-19 safety measures.


First grader Alyssa K. studies the animal on the pole to determine which animal classification it belongs to.  The activity is part of a science lab students participated in recently.




Registration is now open for those families who wish to have their child(ren) attend second semester classes via remote learning. You can find a link on our website, This form should be completed even if your child was a remote learner during the first semester and you want them to continue being a remote learner for the second semester. FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY DECEMBER 1, 2020. Please note, the choice you make will remain IN EFFECT FOR THE ENTIRE SEMESTER. Please complete one application per child who intends to enroll in remote learning. Again, this form should be completed by any Cardinal family who wishes to have their child participate in virtual learning for the second semester – if your student was a virtual learner during the first semester and is not signed up to be a virtual learner in the second semester we will assume that student is returning to in-building instruction. Paper copies are also available in each building office for anyone who may need one. Feel free to reach out to your child’s building of attendance if you have any additional questions.