Certified Hairdresser or Animal Care? Decisions, Decisions!

Here’s a dilemma for you. What if you always wanted to be a veterinarian and work with animals, but you always wanted to be a hairdresser as well? Is there any way you could combine the two?

Lisa Washabaugh found herself in such a position. She opted for the hairdresser route. She studied, cut and styled hair, and was board certified. But alas….she was not happy. What next?

Living in Maple Heights at the time, she took a position as a dog bather. “They taught me how to groom dogs on the job,” says Lisa, “and I worked there for 14 years. When I left, I began working for a vet in Seven Hills, grooming for 11 years.” But after moving to Garrettsville, driving to Seven Hills took its toll.

“I always wanted to start my own business,” says Lisa, “but the timing was never right.” However, with a little encouragement from her husband, she made the decision. “I figured I’d go for it, and it’s the best thing I ever did!”

So now, she’s back at it, but this time as the owner of The Groom Room in Burton – and she is loving it! Opened since June of 2013, Lisa thoroughly enjoys working with her furry clients, making them feel better after their grooming session. “All dogs get brushed, ears cleaned, a bath and, if necessary, a haircut along with a bandana.” They look so handsome…or pretty…when Lisa is finished!

“Absolutely the best! Very pleased & the dogs are just beautiful when Lisa is done!” ~ Suzanne 

“Thank you for grooming Buddy today! He came home and pranced around to show off his new look!” ~ Kayti B.

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Lisa is not alone in her grooming profession. Her family has other groomers: a sister and her nieces are also in the same business. I guess it just runs through their veins and she was destined!

When you choose Lisa for your dog’s grooming, you are receiving 25 years of experience along with a devoted heart. Her love for animals is seen right inside her home. “I have several pets of my own: two parakeets, three cats, and three dobermans I raised.” With both birds and cats in the same home, living happily together, she must have some special powers!

The Groom Room also carries several pet-centered products. Buddy Biscuits, for one! These are made in the U.S.A. Some are grain free and gluten free. Some are oven baked or soft and chewy. And not to forget the little dogs, there are itty bitty treats for them. Take the fur family along and let them pick out their favorites!

Buddy Biscuits

If you’d like to help eliminate some of those pet odors, The Groom Room carries soy based candles. Yummy scents have included pineapple-citrus, blueberry cobbler, and vanilla caramel latte. Chocolate lovers have filled their homes with the sweet fragrances of hot chocolate, chocolate mint, and chocolate and raspberry. Check her Facebook page or just stop in to see, and smell, what’s new!

Pet odor eliminator

Here’s an important little tidbit Lisa shares which you may need! “February 25 is when skunks are out of hibernation. If your dog should meet up with a skunk, give me a call! I have a good remedy. Don’t use tomato juice – it sets in the smell.” Good to know!

If you are a dog owner and need a groomer, Lisa is the gal to call. You’ll be well cared for – or – I guess I should say your dog will! And you will be a happy dog owner bringing home a freshly groomed pooch!

The Groom Room

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 4:15 pm


14333 Kinsman Rd Ste 2
(in the plaza next door to Geauga Glass)
Burton, Ohio 44021

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