Chagrin Falls Middle School January 2022 Students of the Month

The mission of the Chagrin Falls Middle School Students of the Month is to acknowledge and reward students for exemplary performance.  The students depict Tiger Techniques: Think, Integrity, Grit, Effort and Responsibility. Each month, the seventh and eighth-grade teams collaborate and choose a male and female “Tiger of the Month” and the students receive personalized tiger water bottles from the PTO


Marley Cluney’s kind and welcoming smile is a delight to see each day. She is kind and helpful to all her peers. Marley does not hesitate to share ideas and participate in class.  She’s a valued team member, who pulls her weight and brings out the best in others, a true leader by example.

In English, Marley is always prepared for book group, brings up thoughtful topics for discussion, and works well with her peers.  In writing, she has creative ideas and takes her time on revising and editing.  She always has a smile on her face and adds positive energy to the classroom.

Andrew Thompson is a hard worker and always puts forth his best effort. Andrew’s participation, effort, and quiet leadership is noticed in class. Andrew is a great teammate and works well with all of his peers.

In English class, Andrew has been a wonderful example to his book club group of being organized and coming prepared for book group with questions and analytical thoughts to share which creates a much richer book conversation. Andrew models an interest in reading and shares his recommendations with others.  He is a great addition to our class and helps out by participating frequently.  Andrew is respected by his peers and teachers.



Mackenzie Verderber is a consistent worker and excellent teammate in Algebra class.  She brings a great attitude to class every day.  Mackenzie’s reflective and calm demeanor keeps her focused. Her self-awareness allows her to know when to advocate for herself.  She helps others, catches on quickly in all topics.  Mackenzie has a wonderful work ethic and a positive attitude in band. She works so well with her horn section, and always participates during class.

Will Wagner is a hard worker and engages so well with his peers! He brings so much to band class, and works so well with his flute section.

Will is an excited and curious learner. He has great questions, and finds ways to connect class topics to his everyday life.  Will’s incisive questions help everyone in the class understand concepts more deeply.

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