Chagrin Falls Middle School November 2021 Students of the Month

The mission of the Chagrin Falls Middle School Students of the Month is to acknowledge and reward students for exemplary performance.  The students depict Tiger Techniques: Think, Integrity, Grit, Effort and Responsibility. Each month, the seventh and eighth-grade teams collaborate and choose a male and female “Tiger of the Month” and the students receive personalized tiger water bottles from the PTO.


Abigail Babic



Abigail Babic is a leader in math class. She always works hard in class and is willing to step up and help her classmates. Abby is a willing participant and always asks great questions. Abby is a true asset to her class. She is always polite and kind in English class, and brings so much joy and depth when talking about and engaging with literature and creative writing. In Social Studies, Abby is interested in the topics taught, she is quick with an answer and very kind to her classmates. She takes time to help others during class. Abby was a rock star in the first quarter of Project Lead the Way.  She led every class in the discussions and showed incredible innovation and creativity.

Josh Vasko

Josh Vasko is a well-rounded student who brings dedication to all his work both in and out of class.  In Book Club, students can count on him to do his part and take initiative. During Writing Workshop his enthusiasm is contagious and sets an engaging and motivated tone. Josh is a motivator, loves to work above and beyond the requirements that are expected. Josh is helpful and continues to focus and stay on topic in class. Josh leads with integrity in the classroom and is always participating and engaged. He encourages others to do their best and is a positive and caring student.



Reagan Burnight

Reagan Burnight is a polite and kind young lady.  She always gives her best in all she does.  She works hard to understand new ideas. Reagan’s smile is contagious, even through her mask, and she has a great sense of humor. In English class, Reagan works hard on her assignments and cares about her grades. She is kind to everyone in every class, and is a true leader in the 8th grade, especially in showing what an exemplary work ethic looks like.


Harrison Horvath is always on task and prepared for class.  He is kind, polite, and willing to ask questions and/or help others.  Harrison excels at modifying and learning from mistakes in his practice work! He always has a smile on his face and will engage in conversations with his teachers. In English class, Harrison is always trying to better himself. He is kind, funny, and polite. He goes above and beyond and uses each opportunity that he has to continue his learning.  He has been engaged with his team and willing to think outside the box.


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