Chagrin Falls Receives All-Time High Performance Index Score

thumbs upThe Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has released its Report Cards for all school districts September 12, 2014. This is the second year that ODE will use letter grades to indicate student achievement and progress of districts. Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools received the highest Performance Index score in its history.

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools’ Report Card shows that the district has an all-time high Performance Index score of 110.3, which equates to an A. This was achieved through improved School Performance Index scores, which increased in all buildings from last school year, with Gurney Elementary earning a 111.4, Chagrin Falls Intermediate School earning a 108.5, Chagrin Falls Middle School earning a 108.9, and Chagrin Falls High School earning a 113.6.

The District Report Card also reflects continued success in meeting all Indicators (A) and significant improvement in Reading subgroup populations (including Students with Disabilities and Economically Disadvantaged Students), as evidenced in an improved Annual Measurable Objective – Gap Closing grade, of a B (from a D in 2012-13). The District Report Card also reflects an increase in Progress of our Gifted Students, improving from a C in 2012-13 to a B in 2013-14 and the Overall Progress for ALL students maintaining an A, indicating continued growth.

“The State Report Card has significantly changed in terms of structure and format over the last two years,” said Superintendent Robert Hunt. “We monitor all aspects of the Report Card, but believe the Performance Index score and related ranking are the best ways to monitor district progress, relative to State expectations. We are very pleased each building improved which contributed to our achievement of the highest Performance Index score in our district’s history.

“In addition, we are proud of our continually improving value-added data. While we take pride in these achievements, we also recognize that there are many other components of a successful school district that are not measured via the State Report Card. We look forward to sharing those with the release of our district’s Quality Profile on September 15th.”

For an explanation of the report card system, please see the ODE informational page found here.

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