Chagrin Falls Schools Hires Laurie McCormack As Director Of Community Relations

At the May 16 Chagrin Falls Board of Education meeting, Laurie McCormack was hired as the new Director of Community Relations for the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools. McCormack replaces Lenny May, who passed away this past February.

McCormack has lived in the Chagrin Falls’ school district for 22 years. She has been a parent and a volunteer in the district for 16 years. She has one child in the high school and two children who graduated from the district.

McCormack has a MBA in Finance from New York University at the Stern School of Business. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Middlebury College. She has worked for Ernst & Young as a financial strategy consultant in the healthcare industry and developed working relationships with different groups of professionals.

Within the district, she has held leadership positions in Chagrin Falls’ PTO (Treasurer, Chair of Financial Planning and Building Representatives at CFIS, CFMS, and CFHS). “Laurie’s role in the Chagrin Falls’ PTO has kept her current with important issues and activities across the district and has given her more insight into how each building operates,” said Chagrin Falls Schools’ Superintendent Robert Hunt. “As a parent, she has witnessed how 13 years of Chagrin Falls’ education effectively prepared her children for college and beyond.” McCormack also has served on the levy and strategic planning committees.

McCormack will provide support and connection to both the schools and community for those families considering Chagrin Falls as a destination for both school and living. She also will provide tours of the schools, answer questions, and serve as a guide to parents, providing a friendly welcome to a district sharing both Chagrin tradition and excellence. McCormack is part-time and serves the district on an as-needed basis.

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