Chagrin Falls Schools Hosts Virtual Conference Dedicated to the Mental, Social and Emotional Well Being of Children

Chagrin Falls Schools is hosting a virtual conference dedicated to the mental, social and emotional well being of children on February 23 from 6:30-9 p.m. This program will provide parents the opportunity to choose from a variety of topics that support healthy development in students. Participants will attend sessions via zoom with the option to attend up to three different sessions over the course of the evening. Sessions will be led by a variety of professionals, including staff from Chagrin Falls Schools and Bellefaire JCB.

Featured sessions include Chagrin Falls Youth Risk Behavior Survey; Self Esteem and Perfectionism; Identifying Anxiety in Your Child and Developing a Coping Toolkit; LGBTQ Youth: Providing Support; Teens and the Consequences of Risky Behavior; Signs of Depression – How and When to get Help; Recognizing the Signs of Depression and Suicide in Teens; Helping Kids Cope During a Pandemic (Gr K-6); Building Resilience: Supporting your Teen (Tween) During Uncertain Times; and Using Social Media Safely.
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Conference partners include Bellefaire JCB, SAY Social Advocates for Youth, and SOGI.