Chagrin Falls Seniors Welcome New Generation of Tigers

Before the Chagrin Falls High School (CFHS) senior class said goodbye, they first said hello to the new kindergarteners who will be starting at Gurney Elementary School in the fall.

CFHS seniors were invited to be part of setting a new tradition – welcoming kindergarteners with a personal visit to their home! Every spring, students registered to start kindergarten in the upcoming school year receive yard signs saying, “A new Tiger is coming to Gurney Elementary School! Welcome to Kindergarten!” All summer long the signs help the future students feel excited and proud to be starting school. And now the experience is made even more special as graduating seniors hand-deliver the signs with a personal welcome.

On Saturday, May 7, each participating senior wore their CF spirit wear or clothing representing the college they’ll be attending in the fall as they introduced themselves to the future CF Tigers and their families. Then, with parent permission, the graduating senior and incoming kindergarten student took a photo together next to the sign. Photos were posted on the school’s social media with the hashtag #CFChooseCourage or #Classof2022and2035.

With this new tradition, the high school seniors will exemplify what they learned from reading the book Courage and diving into courage themes throughout the year as part of the District’s One District One Book program. Needing courage or having courage are experiences to which people of any and all ages can relate. These incoming kindergarten students will need courage to go to a new school building, meet a new teacher and all new classmates. These graduating seniors will need courage to possibly live away from home for the first time and meet all new teachers and all new classmates. The class of 2022 and the class of 2035 have this similar, courageous experience ahead of them and so it is only fitting for them to meet one another! Gurney Principal Rachel Jones said, “In this one simple act, you are demonstrating the courage to say goodbye and showing how we give courage to each other for what lies ahead.”

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