Chardon Area Kiwanis Hear from Geauga County Commissioner

2015-11-05 19.23.37 in postTwenty members and quests of the Chardon Area Kiwanis recently gathered at the Chardon Heinen’s for a good old fashioned turkey dinner. At the meeting, Geauga County Commissioner Blake Rear gave a presentation about voting.

The presentation included a complete history of voting starting when the right was first guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and those of the states. Over the 225-year history of our country, the right to vote has been greatly expanded to include more people. In addition, it has been a right that many have fought and died to protect.

“The presentation by the commissioner was very informative,” said President of the Chardon Area Kiwanis Club, Jeff Campbell Sr. “People should be active members of our communities and that means we should all exercise our right to vote.”

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Jefferey Campbell
Author: Jefferey Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a community activist that writes about events and activities in the Chardon area.