Chardon Community Action Team Encourages Family Day

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The Chardon Community Action Team (CCAT) is supportive of the Family Day, which is September 28 this year.

Please join CCAT in joining families thought the United States eating dinner as a family.  Family Day was launched in 2001 and is a national movement to celebrate parental engagement as an effective tool to keep America’s kids substance free. Research shows that children with hands-on parents are far less likely to smoke, drink, or use other drugs. Even the simple act of eating dinner together as a family can make a difference.

Every parent is encouraged to become a Family Day Star through four actions. First, parents should spend time with their kids.  Second, parents should talk to their kids about their friends, interests, and the dangers of nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs. Third, parents should answer their children’s questions and listen to what they say. Last, parents should recognize that they have the power to help keep their kids substance free.

“Nine out of ten Americans who meet the medical criteria for addiction started smoking, drinking, or using drugs before the age of 18,” said Lynn Kempf, vice president of CCAT. “By engaging in their children’s lives at an early age makes a big difference.”

To find out more about CCAT’s very important mission to reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs among our youth through education and activities, please visit our website. We encourage anyone with an interest in our mission to attend one of our monthly meetings held on the third Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Chardon Municipal Center, which is located at 111 Water Street, Chardon, Ohio 44024.

Jefferey Campbell
Author: Jefferey Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a community activist that writes about events and activities in the Chardon area.