CHS Honors Students Visit James A. Garfield Historic Site

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Honors English 10 students, Hayden C. and Andrew L., play checkers during a recent visit to the James A. Garfield Historic Site in Mentor.

As a follow-up to their summer reading assignment of Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard, the Honors English 10 students took a field trip to the James A. Garfield Historic Site in Mentor.

Destiny of the Republic is a nonfiction novel about the assassination of our 20th president, but also focuses on the inventions, medical treatments, and politics of the late 1800’s. In addition to the tours of Garfield’s home and grounds, the field trip included a picnic lunch at Eleanor Garfield Park. While there, the students played popular games of the late 1800’s, which the students had researched prior to the trip, such as marbles, dominoes, cup and ball, hopscotch, checkers, pick-up sticks, and Annie Over.

“The weather was perfect and the students had a great opportunity to visit a well-preserved, local landmark,” said teacher Beth Drebus.

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