Clean Water is Everyone’s “Duty” – Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District Promotes SepticSmart Program on Thursday September 28th

Throughout 2017, the Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is promoting waste  awareness and water protection strategies through the “Lake Erie: Don’t Waste It!” storm-water education campaign.  This week was nationally recognized as SepticSmart Week, showcasing the importance of proper care and maintenance of our home sewage treatment systems.

With one-fourth of U.S. homes using septic systems, more than 4 billion gallons of wastewater are dispersed below the ground’s surface every day.  Septic systems need to be monitored and pumped every two to three years to ensure proper function throughout their service lives.  Well-maintained systems effectively eliminate most human health or environmental threats posed by household wastewater.  However, malfunctioning systems can discharge bacteria, viruses, nitrogen and other pollutants, contaminating nearby surface and ground water resources.  Preventative maintenance of your septic not only extends the life of the system, but also protects your investment, our water resources, and the public health.

To assist homeowners and residents with their understanding of septic systems, Geauga SWCD and Geauga Public Health are offering a free SepticSmart Program next Thursday, September 28th from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at the Geauga West Library (13455 Chillicothe Road Chesterland, Ohio 44026).  Reservations are required due to limited seating and the deadline to register is Monday, September 25th.  For more information or to register, contact Gail Prunty at or 440-834-1122.  You can also learn more about septic systems maintenance in Geauga County by the visiting Geauga Public Health at Geauga County Public Heath or find more information about SepticSmart Week at EPA.

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