Colleen Holiday, Ohio’s ONLY 24/7 Personal Trainer Located Right Here in Geauga County

Colleen Holiday is a personal trainer that has taken her passion in the field of health and fitness and applied it every day in her work to help others achieve their physical goals. A Cleveland native, Colleen’s passion for physical fitness began in high school, when she took solace in building her physical fitness and spending time in the gym. In addition to personal training, Colleen has held a successful career as a fitness model. Passionate and dedicated, Colleen focuses her professional energy into helping others become healthy and fit.

Colleen Holiday Personal Trainer

As the only 24/7 personal trainer in the state of Ohio, Colleen is committed to providing individualized attention to all of her clients. While she meets the needs of clients of all ages, she specializes in women over 30 years old and women’s strength training. Colleen feels passionate about the particular challenges faced by this population. Physical training is completed out of Any Time Fitness in Chesterland. In addition to personal training, Colleen Holiday LLC offers corporate wellness, online training as well as group and boot camp programs.

Colleen holds professional credentials and a unique education that separates her from other trainers. In addition to a personal training certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Colleen has post BA college studies in counseling psychology. This education provides her with insight into motivation and resiliency and further promotes her ability to connect with and assist her clients. Being selective in her number of clients allows Colleen the ability to spend more time with each individual, both in and out of the gym.

Individualized training plans are built for each client as Colleen recognizes the unique needs of every person. In addition to a personalized fitness plan, Colleen Holiday represents the only 24/7 personal trainer in Ohio. This means that she and her team are able to offer motivation and support to clients around the clock. This program design supports client results as well as ensures that the training process is fun and fulfilling.

Personal Training

The combination of 24/7 motivation, expert training and an individualized plan have resulted in the personal success of Colleen’s clients. One client in particular achieved a 120 pound weight loss in only 9 months. Another client who accessed Colleen’s services online lost a whopping 201 pounds! Recently, Colleen started working out of Chesterland gym where she began working with a client who had never lifted weights before. This client is already down 30 pounds and several sizes. Colleen’s methods have proven their efficacy in the success of her clients.

Colleen represents a trainer that is client focused and results driven. She pays close, personal attention to every client, supporting them in making bountiful strides towards their health and fitness goals. If you’re someone looking to make a huge transformation in your personal health and fitness, but require accountability and support, Colleen is the trainer for you.

If you would like more information on Colleen and how she can help you meet your fitness goals check out her website. Also be sure to “LIKE” her Facebook page.

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