Danny Boy’s Scores Big with Low Gluten Menu!

Who wants to sit around on Super Bowl Sunday watching the game while all their friends indulge in America’s favorite football food and not be able to enjoy the feast?? Pizza is a HUGE part of the party, but for those with gluten allergies, they’ve had to choose between either suffering the physical effects of eating or suffering the ‘feeling left out’ effects of not eating. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place!

But not this year! Danny Boy’s in Chesterland has tackled the problem and scored big with their incredibly delicious selections of low gluten dishes that everyone will love – not just those with a wheat intolerance. Not only can you order pizza, they also offer chicken quesadillas, a ham & cheese fold over, and baked sausage & peppers with gluten free flatbread.

Danny Boys Gluten Free Menu

“I’ve ordered both the low-gluten pizza and the ham & cheese fold over from Danny Boy’s and they are both excellent. Especially the ham & cheese fold over. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to enjoy something other than salad from a restaurant. Now that Danny Boy’s has several options on their low gluten menu, I have made this one of my more frequent restaurant stops.” ~ Rachel Hunziker.

SCORE!! Your Super Bowl Sunday appetite just won big time!

Danny Boy’s is also running a couple of carry out pizza specials you won’t want to pass up on game day. Check out their awesome deals in the picture at the top of this page. Be sure to place your orders early! These popular game day offers are – well – really popular! Don’t get stuck at the bottom of the pile up!

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