Did You Know There is a Beautiful New Banquet Facility in Huntsburg?

Chow Down Catering Gets Even Better!

Greg Tarr, owner of Chow DownSome people, when you first meet them, radiate a sense of genuineness and honesty that is almost tangible. You feel as though you are their sole focus. They are fully engaged; not just hearing what you are saying, but listening with the intention of understanding what is important to you. Greg Tarr is like that. There is no ‘rush-rush hurry up’ with him. He makes you feel like he has all the time in the world. His warm and caring aura is infectious and seems to have an invisible power to let you relax, escape the pressures of life, and just BE for awhile. He would have made an amazing therapist!

But he went into the restaurant and catering business instead – bringing with him all of the above attributes which are now present in his newly built banquet facility in Huntsburg – the only one of its kind in the near vicinity. Can you imagine having your event catered in such an environment? Greg will meet with you to listen to your ideas and work diligently to create the kind of old fashioned, comfortable experience you want your guests to remember. From an intimate party of two to a wedding party of four hundred – everyone will receive the same care and attention.

Chow Down Buffet

The staff at Chow Down use very little processed food and make most everything from scratch. Menus can be customized to your liking. There is no need to choose from A, B, or C with Chow Down. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Themed events are Greg’s favorite, so don’t be shy! Would you like a Caribbean menu? Maybe you want to escape the snow and gray skies of winter and go to the sunny skies of Hawaii? How about a trek through the rainforest, an Alaskan moose hunt, a Taiwanese Lantern Festival theme? If you have an idea, Greg will bring it into existence! “We love building themed menus. We take the time to do the research and make sure the details are just right.”

Chow Down Custom Catering

February is a great time to plan for your wedding banquet. Why travel miles away when Chow Down has a beautiful new facility with a staff whose creativity and commitment to satisfaction is right here in Geauga County? Of course, they aren’t just limited to weddings. Any event of any size is welcome. Buffet style or sit down family style – your choice. Do you already have a facility and are only looking for the catering service? Chow Down travels off site as well, bringing with them the same warm and friendly expertise, creativity, and attention to detail.

Chow Down Buffet

Take a few minutes and call Greg soon. I’m sure you’ll sense the same spirit I do. And when you hang up, you’ll feel as if you just called home.

Chow Down
Custom Catering For All Occasions
Located inside the old Huntsburg Elementary School
12406 Madison Rd. Huntsburg, Ohio 44046



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