Digital Print Artist Shares his Work with GANG

On Tuesday evening, September 16, the GANG (Geauga Arts Network Group) program will feature Hugh Thompson whose medium is mathematically generated digital prints. Thompson will be demonstrating his process and discussing the philosophy behind his work. This educational program, which is free and open to the general public, will take place from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Heinen’s Cafe, 402 Center Street in Chardon, Ohio. Host for the evening is photographer Frank Fendi. No reservations are necessary.

Thompson’s post-graduate training with the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and his early career as a math teacher, where he frequently demonstrated mathematical principles using computer-generated illustration, inform his work as an artist. His mentor, artist and teacher Mario Vincenti, inspired Thompson’s determination to follow his own path in developing a unique artistic voice.

Thompson explains his process like this, “I begin with what might seem to be soulless mathematical functions and then breathe life into them…I don’t start out to draw a butterfly. Instead, I play and explore until something of beauty and significance emerges. Beauty is frequently found in mathematics. My final images seldom betray their mathematical origins.”

The Geauga Arts Network Group is an ad hoc group whose mission is to promote communication, collaboration, and cooperation across artistic disciplines for artists living and/or working in Geauga County. For further information, contact Joanne Durante, 440-729-6481.

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