Don’t Let Rust Feast On Your Garage Door – Spring Clean!

Today’s metal garage doors are among the most durable you can select for your home. Whether aluminum or steel, they both hold up extremely well. If carefully maintained, they will last for many years. Carefully is the key word here, since metal is prone to rusting, and especially in this Northeast Ohio climate! Add to that the salt and other chemicals that come with winter road maintenance and you have now created a feasting ground for rust to eat away at steel doors, and just like cancer, it will spread. It not only ruins the appearance of the door, but ruins its durability as well.

Factory-applied finishes for steel doors are in general use today which will last many years longer than ordinary paints, but routine washings should become a regular part of your spring cleaning chores. To keep the luster and maintain the original finish of your steel doors, plan on an annual washing with a mild solution of biodegradable cleaner which will remove most of the dirt and grime.

One effective solution consists of one cup of Simple Green®, which contains less than 0.5% phosphate, dissolved into five gallons of warm water. Other mild detergents can be substituted, but do not exceed 0.5% phosphate as this may remove some of the protective finish on your steel doors.

  • With a clean soft cloth or sponge, wash the entire door down.
  • Clean behind weather-strips on both sides and top of door.
  • Use your bare hands to feel and dislodge any caked on particles.
  • Wipe the surface dry with a soft clean cloth or damp chamois.
  • Do not use window cleaners. They may harm the finish.
  • Do not use rough material; it will scratch the glaze.
  • Do not use a pressure washer on your door!
  • Never blend cleansers or detergents with bleach.
  • Clean windows with a mild solution of dish washing detergent and a soft cloth. Do not use ammoniated, abrasive, or solvent-based cleaners of any kind.

To help prevent rust, you can apply a quality car wax to the inside and outside of a steel door surface twice a year, immediately after cleaning, to help maintain the finish.

If you do detect rust, call Geauga Door for a recommendation for cleaning and repainting.

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