Don’t Scramble the Egg – 6th Grade Egg Drop Science Challenge

Cries of, “This one’s going to be a goner!” and “It’s alive!” came streaming from Mrs. Amber Yeager’s sixth grade science class this week. This would be unsettling if it weren’t part of her latest STEM challenge to the students working on the technology building process.

The students were challenged to build a prototype device protecting an egg when dropped from high in the air. The device was to be both light and durable.

6th Grade Egg Drop Science Challenge Winners

Pictured L-R: Egg Drop Winners: Ellie Faber, Max Buzogany, Mitchell Alunni, and Faye Hoey

Students worked in pairs with materials brought from home to sketch and create their designs. Upon completion, devices were weighed then loaded with a raw egg and dropped from the same height by their teacher. Devices included parachutes, bungee mini trampolines, and even a jar of peanut butter.

Student Nathan Lah said he learned that, “parachutes catch the air and leave some drag for the egg” and all agreed parachutes were the most helpful.

Winning pairs had the lightest weight device and helped their egg survive the drop.

Student, Grayce Young, said she learned that, “just because something is light doesn’t mean it can’t be sturdy too”. The buzz created by the experiment was electric and the students continued to debate possibly materials and devices well after its end.

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Mrs. Amber Yeager

Mrs. Amber Yeager dropping the egg prototypes

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