E.T., Are You Out There?

 Study the ongoing search for off-planet wildlife

Are you up for a little search for off-planet wildlife? Explore the solar system’s most promising spots for potential extra-terrestrial life, then find out about the ongoing search for life beyond Earth and how you can participate in the hunt.

What: The Search for E.T.

When: Fridays, May 10 and 24 – 7 to 9 p.m.

Where: Observatory Park, Robert McCullough Science Center
10610 Clay Street, Montville Township

Both of these presentations by one of the Observatory Park astronomy naturalists, also known as astro-nats, will be followed by either outdoor telescope viewing, weather permitting, or an indoor planetarium program. All activities will be wheelchair/strolled accessible and welcoming of all ages. Call 440-286-9516 with questions.

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