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Health insurance. It’s not something one can easily figure out these days. It can even be scary. With all the changes coming, what will you do? This is where a local health insurance agent can be most helpful! FGD Enterprises may be exactly what you are looking for.

“Integrity, knowledge and service for all!”
~ Francie Dunlop, President and owner of FGD Enterprises

Francie is a local Geauga County insurance agent who can help you sort out some of your questions. Her interest in health insurance began in the early ’90s when she worked part time for Dave Toole, another local insurance agent.

“I took a great interest in the health insurance aspect of Dave’s work. After a few years, Dave offered to sell me that piece of his business so I could start my own company. It was an excellent opportunity, and I will always be grateful to Dave for giving me such a terrific start.”

FGD  EnterprisesIn 1995, Francie established her own company and now sells all types of health and life insurance. “I sell employer based health insurance as well as individual coverage. I do a great deal of work in the Medicare market: Medicare Supplements, Part D (rx) plans and Medicare Advantage plans. For life insurance, I also represent multiple carriers and offer term, universal, and whole life coverage,’ says Francie, whose goal is to always do what is best for the client.

When asked what she thought is the most important thing people should know about the upcoming changes regarding the implementation of Obamacare as it applies to them personally or to their business, she replied, “Hold on to your hats! Much remains to be shown as to exactly how this new law will become reality. We somewhat know what should happen but, in reality, the “mechanics” of the law have yet to be defined.”

If you are out hunting for health insurance, FGD represents only the best carriers. “I do an excellent job of educating the client to enable the best choice at the best price,” shares Francie, who admits that it is very difficult for those who have to pay a lot for their employer based coverage whose premiums have sky-rocketed in the last few years. “I think the insurance carriers are so afraid of what Health Reform will do to them that they are garnering as much premium as possible in the way of premiums. High deductibles / catastrophic coverage seems to be the way to go these days.”

For Francie, though, these are real issues for real people. Helping those in need is very important to her. “Sometimes I have people calling me in tears — the insurance maze is so confusing! It’s always nice to be able to get a client what he/she needs and untangle this insurance web for them!” She works from Bainbridge and is available to meet with clients at their convenience at their office, their home, or at a local coffee shop. So if the web of insurance has gotten a little too sticky for you to maneuver through these days, give Francie a call. She will do her best to give you some solid footing once again!

Francie Dunlop can be reached at 440-543-3377 or through e-mail is fgdenter@aol.com


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