First Grade Students at Notre Dame Elementary School Visit Health Care and Share Rosaries

Students in Mrs. Biro’s first grade class enjoyed visiting the Sisters of Notre Dame Health Care Center. The students made rosaries to give to each Sister. They sang a thank you song, gave them a card and completed word searches. They ended their time together by praying a Hail Mary.​

Blue Ribbon Focus: A Spirit of Giving and Community Involvement

Students at Notre Dame Elementary School do their part each and every day to give to others. Throughout the year, fundraising opportunities and service projects are initiated. The value of giving and sharing talents and skills is a way of life that reaches beyond the walls of NDES to the greater community.

Allergy Awareness at NDES

NDES is proud of its allergy awareness initiatives! A parent driven Allergy Committee, headed up by Mrs. Nicole
Reel, ensures that all students are safe at NDES. From our nut free classrooms, to allergy safe birthday snacks and classroom parties, the needs of all children are taken into account. Earlier this week, Mrs. Reel visited classrooms in support of allergy awareness. We are so grateful to her and the committee for supporting NDES in our commitment to the safety of the children.

Pictured: Iva Injic, Lizzie Savron and Mira Siebert

NDES Hosts Largest Girl Scout Troop in the Chardon Service Unit

More than 20 girls are involved in the Brownie Troop at NDES! The girls have been busy this fall completing their Brownie Quest Journey and earning Outdoor badges such as the Outdoor Art Creator and Hiker Badge. The girls learned about staying safe when hiking, respecting the environment by practicing “Leave No Trace” and exploring the outdoors while remaining right here on campus.

The girls created artwork using items they found in nature such as pine cones, acorns, and berries. Best of all, it was all girl led, girl designed! We are so blessed to have so many resources right here on campus to help the girls discover their talents and passions. Recently, the troop had an opportunity to express their creativity with a special Spirit of Clay project.

Pictured: Notre Dame Elementary Preschool students enjoying their soup

Preschool Students Enjoy Stone Soup

The whole preschool enjoyed reading Stone Soup and making soup together as a school! Pre-K students were in charge of bringing in the soup ingredients while the 3-year olds helped to make the bread!  It was a wonderful activity that allowed everyone to show their thankfulness for their friends, teachers, and school!

Pictured In Cover Photo: First grade students with the Sisters of Notre Dame

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