Families may now keep their youngsters ‘busy as bees’ while teaching them about nature. The Foundation for Geauga Parks (FGP) Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the grand opening of a new Pollinator Garden & Nature Play Area in Geauga Park District’s Frohring Meadows, located at 16780 Savage Road, Bainbridge. The board and stakeholders scheduled a gathering at the new feature on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 11AM, to celebrate its opening.

This pollinator garden marks the completion of phase one of the FGP Pollinator Project, and was designed in collaboration with Geauga Park District and DERU Landscape Architects to incorporate plantings of native perennials and shrubs like butterfly weed, aster, purple coneflower, Joe Pye weed, goldenrod and Standing Ovation little bluestem. Surrounding the pollinator plants are nature-based play features for children to assimilate the behavior of birds and insects. Kids will be inspired to climb, crawl, tunnel, balance and dig while they and their parents learn about the importance of pollinators.

This garden is just one aspect of FGP’s Pollinator Project, planning for which launched in 2019, with a vision of the Foundation’s 2019 Board President Jeff Hyde. He recognized that chemicals, habitat loss, and a general lack of knowledge were all threatening the insects and animals responsible for pollinating our food sources and other important resources.

“It is exciting and fulfilling to see phase one of this vision come to fruition. We hope that the thousands of people, young and old, who visit Frohring Meadows each year will pause and take a moment in the pollinator garden to learn more about pollinators and their importance in our everyday lives. They might even have some fun while there.” says Jeff Hyde, chair of the Pollinator Project committee.”

The FGP’s vision is to initially create opportunities to learn about, engage with, and support pollinator health and eventually to drive the preservation and expansion of pollinator-friendly habitats across Geauga County. Initial funding came from a 2020 Cleveland Foundation Lake-Geauga Fund grant along with a charge to build a team of collaborators, develop a county-wide pollinator education plan, establish a demonstration garden, and raise money to support future gardens.

In addition to the Cleveland Foundation Lake-Geauga Fund, the Paul & Maxine Frohring Foundation, the Ginn Family Fund, Patterson Fruit Farm, and many others were generous donors. To learn more about how to get involved with this and other Foundation projects, contact the Foundation office.

The Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization, its purpose is to help county park authorities and other organizations raise funds for projects and programs that help ensure residents and visitors have opportunities to access and appreciate the beauty of our county’s natural spaces. The mission of FGP is to fund community engagement with nature through education, preservation, conservation and appreciation of the unique natural character of Geauga County.

For more information, contact the Foundation office at 440-564-1048, or


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