Gail Joy Designs Offers Fresh Creative Ideas for the Home

An interest in design and a need for custom window treatments were what spurred Gail Smith to start her own business over 20 years ago. Smith started her business when she and her husband first got married. They had really large windows in their first home. The window treatments that she needed had to be custom made. Like many other newly married couples they didn’t have a budget for custom window treatments. “I started because we couldn’t afford at that time to have custom window treatments made for the house,” she said. “I’ve always had an eye for design. I started small, moved to bigger and better things. People started seeing my work and it took off from there.”

She had been involved with the family business Newbury Tire for a number of years which became, “a very full time job,” so she wasn’t able to devote a ton of time to the design business. “I couldn’t concentrate on my business until we sold our business this year.”

Smith has always had a passion for design. “I can walk into somebody’s home. I immediately think I’d love to make a headboard for this bedroom. Or I’d love to make window treatments and add some color to this home.” She also can see a piece of furniture and think of a creative way to transform it. A number of customers struggle with putting pieces together to spruce up a room. “People sometimes don’t have an eye; they struggle to see the end result. I love helping them and when I do a job for someone and getting to show them the finished work.” For more on the different creative projects she has designed, check out her Facebook page.


Her business has done well with word of mouth advertising. “When I first started, it was all word of mouth. That’s where I got all my jobs.” Then she recently developed a relationship with Rustic Rewind in Middlefield. Rustic Rewind sells antique and refurbished pieces of furniture and home goods. She’s appreciated her affiliation with Rustic Rewind. This has, “given me more exposure because people come into the store and they can see what I can do.”

At Rustic Rewind, she doesn’t rent space per say, but her pieces are blended in with the store inventory. “It’s all mixed in and makes everything look good.” They have a number of unique and ornate pieces that blend well with her pieces that would be perfect in any home or business.


designIn addition to her design business, Smith also is a wedding planner. “I have done several family members’ weddings. I have gotten jobs through doing that with friends and other people.” She loves doing this as well, as it is another outlet to express her creativity AND help couples have a magical wedding experience. “I have done a wide variety of things through Gail Joy designs. It’s wedding planning, making headboards, it’s coming to your house and totally redoing your house. I have also helped people building homes go shopping and design their homes. I have also helped people re-design their homes. I do everything from helping pick colors and that type of thing.”

Smith thrives on helping others and making them happy. “I enjoy making people smile and creating something they never thought they could accomplish on their own.” She and Rustic Rewind were featured with David Moss the “Mossman” on New Day Cleveland for a segment that aired in September.

With “the Mossman”

If she could give one bit of advice to new small business owners it would be getting your name out there. “Let people speak for you,” word of mouth referrals are helpful, “doing ads” and getting your name out there are important. “It also always helps to know people in higher places. Facebook and Social Media has been a great outlet for me to help get the word out about what I do.” So utilize friends and family for referrals and take every opportunity you can to let people know who you are and what you do.


If you need wedding services, design/refurbishing services or just want to check out Gail’s creative pieces, go to her Facebook page.

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