GCBDD First Ever Community Scavenger Hunt – June 1 – 19

The Geauga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (GCBDD) is hosting its first ever Community Scavenger Hunt starting June 1st through the 19th.  For being a first year event that highlights Geauga County’s beautiful parks and nostalgic businesses, there are 227 people participating!  Of the 15 destination stops along the way in Geauga County, for one day only the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department actively participated and hosted a community event. On June 5th, the Sheriff’s Department had on display a S.W.A.T. Vehicle and a K-9 Dog Unit.  The public had the opportunity to explore the S.W.A.T. Vehicle and ask questions to the specialized team member on site.  The K-9 Dog Unit performed a demonstration and talked about the specific training used to assist police and other law-​enforcement situations.  Free ID kits and goodies were handed out.  All are welcomed to attend and photos encouraged.

The scavenger hunt is also a kickoff for #IncludeME, which is all about spreading the message of inclusion and showing support for people of all abilities in community life.  GCBDD is always looking for opportunities to continue the promotion of public outreach for inclusion, and the scavenger hunt is a positive and fun event that also connects with GCBDD’s own motto: Helping people to live, learn and earn in our community. There has been a shift from segregated preschools, schools, and workshops to integrated early intervention playgroups, attending of public schools, and folks working in various businesses in the community.  GCBDD encourages all citizens of Geauga County to be aware of the progress that has been made with integration and that our communities are stronger when everyone works together.

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