GCPL Partners with Schools to Simplify Finding Homework Materials


Have you ever panicked over a school assignment because you couldn’t find the correct books or materials? Relax. Librarians are used to addressing this anxiety, and they have a solution.

Geauga County Public Library is pleased to introduce the Teacher Assignment Form, an online assignment submission tool that allows teachers to share with librarians the projects their students are working on. When the library learns that a group of students is going to be studying a certain subject, librarians will compile reference materials, books and articles to have them ready for students to borrow.

This form was created by GCPL staff in response to students and families who came to libraries to find information necessary to complete school work, but left without what they had hoped to find. Typically, students in this situation were not the first to get started on their work. When they came to the library, all the pertinent materials from that particular location were already in circulation. The Teacher Assignment Form will help the library anticipate the needs of students before they even walk through the door so that they can have plenty of copies and resources for everyone. As soon as teachers share assignments, librarians will pull resources from all locations and have an ample supply on hand.

All teachers need to do is simply upload whatever assignments they have prepared for their students on the Teacher Assignment Form at GeaugaLibrary.net. Or, they may fill in the requested information about their assignment. The form resides on the home page, on the top navigation bar. It’s easy to find. It’s easy to use.

“Many times, we see students who need to get books that the entire class is reading,” says Kara Fennell Walker, Youth Services Librarian at Middlefield Library. “Our entire system has plenty of resources for everyone, but all items may not be at one location. Sometimes, if we get a rush of people wanting the same materials at the same time, we are not able to accommodate everyone. However, the new Teacher Assignment Form will help us better meet the needs of students and teachers.”

GCPL is promoting the Teacher Assignment Form to all Geauga County schools. It is ready for use.

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