Geauga Gems Trekking Series Returns!


Complete 30 qualifying hikes – or hike 60 miles – to earn your 2021 reward


Are you setting a New Year’s resolution to explore Nature more? To discover new places, or get more exercise? Or maybe all three?


Geauga Park District has the program for you, now in its second year – the Geauga Gems Trekking Series!


Participants are encouraged to complete 30 hikes on any of our 70+ miles of trails in any of our 27 open parks by the end of the year. Of 30 hikes, 27 are treks you’ll plan and take on your own, while three must be naturalist-led hikes. Those qualifying naturalist-led hikes are identifiable among our program listings by the trekking series logo or filtering feature on our website.


Or, special for Geauga Park District’s 60th anniversary, participants can choose to hike 60 miles of qualifying trails to complete their 2021 goal instead – no naturalist-led hikes required!


Registration is already open for Geauga County residents free of charge on the website or in person at The West Woods Nature Center or Big Creek Park’s Meyer Center, and opens for out-of-county residents on January 15 for just $10. After signing up, participants will receive a special Geauga Gems Trekking Card to track your progress. Keep the card with you to mark the self-guided treks you take, and bring the card to your naturalist-led hikes to be marked. Those who enjoyed the series the most last year said they discovered new trails and parks throughout all four seasons.


Finally, during a year-end event in January 2022, those who complete the series for the first time will receive a collapsible trekking pole, and everyone who completes the series will receive a Geauga Gems 2021 hiking medallion sticker for their pole.


Interested? Simply visit our Hiking webpage, under Activities on our website, for series updates and FAQ.


Why not make the Geauga Gems Trekking Series your 2021 resolution? We’ll see you on the trail!


For more on Geauga Park District offerings, please call 440-286-9516 or visit Geauga Park District online via, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.