Geauga Growth Partnership Member Survey Results

Geauga County businesses expressed confidence in the outlook for their businesses and moderately strong hiring and capital investment plans in a survey recently conducted by the Geauga Growth Partnership. The online survey took place from March to May and asked several questions related to business expectations and issues that concern Geauga County businesses.

37 of GGP’s 78 members responded to the survey. Almost two-thirds of the respondents (63%) stated that business conditions were expected to improve for them over the next six months. 37% expected business conditions to stay the same. No businesses predicted their conditions would worsen.

Half of the businesses responding expected to hire during the coming six months.

Half of the businesses responding expected to hire during the coming six months. Of these, 61% estimated that they would hire from 1-3 additional employees, 22% estimated that they would hire from 4-8 new employees, and 17% estimated more than 8 new hires.

With respect to major investments in equipment or expansion, a little over half (51%) expected to make such investments over the next six months. 90% said that their businesses would invest in Geauga County.

The Partnership also polled its members on issues of concern. At the top of the list was federal healthcare regulation, which was identified as one of the top issues by more than half of member respondents. Federal healthcare regulations were followed by uncertainties about the U.S. economy and the price of materials and resources as major concerns. Geauga County businesses also identified that the need for technical workers, federal regulations, and tax forms and regulations as particular challenges.

In commenting on the survey at the GGP Annual Meeting, GGP Vice Chairman John Steigerwald said that the 2013 survey continued a periodic process of seeking member input for GGP priorities and programs. “Our member surveys help us understand what’s on the mind of Geauga businesses,” said Steigerwald. “The results tell us how our members view their business prospects and what issues challenge them.” Steigerwald noted that GGP task forces on healthcare, internships, and education directly address GGP member concerns as revealed in this and prior year member surveys.

A full report on the survey can be found on the GGP website.
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