Geauga SWCD Promotes April as Ohio’s First Native Plant Month

The Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is excited to celebrate April 2020 as Ohio’s first ever and newly designated Native Plant Month!  This statewide designation was signed into law July 2019 by Governor Mike DeWine, making Ohio one of the first states in the country to have a month dedicated to native plants.  Thanks to the efforts of many, this law has been enacted to increase the awareness of Ohio’s native plants and the benefits they provide to our health, wildlife, environment, and economy.

Ohio has approximately 1,842 native plants – including trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, and grasses.  Native plants are part of an intricate, balanced web and essential to all wildlife.  These native beauties are abundant in benefits as they absorb stormwater, prevent flooding, filter drinking water, improve soil health, remove air pollutants, sequester carbon, and feed the bees and critters that pollinate most of our food crops. 

Help Geauga SWCD celebrate Ohio’s native plants!  Though many of our usual springtime activities are currently curtailed, let’s embrace the extra time at home to watch our natural world and native plants awaken.  Take a spring wildflower walk, identify and inventory plants in your yard, start a journal of plant species and sketches, create a native plant garden or pollinator patch, remove any unwanted invasives, or participate in Ohio’s Spring Wildflower Photo Challenge!  For more information on any of these activities, visit  Also be sure to check our Facebook page for our featured “Native Plant of the Day”.  While staying secluded, let’s head into the sunshine, Ohio!  Let April be our month to get outside, explore our yards, and blossom with Ohio’s amazing and beautiful native plants!