Geauga SWCD’s Painted Rain Barrels Keep Conservation Flowing!

The Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District wishes to thank everyone who participated in our 2019 Rain Barrel Yard Art Campaign.  Four talented artists painted barrels that uniquely reflected Geauga County’s natural, cultural, agricultural, or historical resources. 

This year’s artists and their masterpieces included: 2K19 Fest by Byron Leffler, Summer Blossoms by Yvonne Delgado Thomas, Wondrous Waters by Bob Kolcumand Nature’s Kidneys by Nimue Shive.  The sale of the barrels collectively raised over $1,500 for the District’s community education programs and will help conserve thousands of gallons of water. 

Thanks to all who painted and purchased rain barrels.  Special recognition goes to Byron Leffler who has painted 10 rain barrels through the years for the District’s Campaigns!  Also, a huge thank you goes to Ken’s Auto Body, Inc. in Troy Township for protecting every barrel with a clear sealant. 

For more information on rain barrels or this program, visit Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District or call 440-834-1122.

2019 Rain Barrel Artists and Buyers

Rain Barrel Title                                            Artist                                                  Buyer                  

1)     Summer Blossoms                                 Yvonne Delgado Thomas              Howard Bates

2)     2K19 Fest                                                Byron Leffler                                    Annie Rodewig

3)     Wonderous Waters                                Bob Kolcum                                      Howard Bates 

4)     Nature’s Kidneys Nimue Shive Larry Fulton

Pictured In Cover Photo: This rain barrel was one featured in Geauga SWCD’s 2019 Rain Barrel Yard Art Campaign and painted by Nimue Shive, a recent graduate of Chardon High School and past member of their envirothon team. Entitled, Nature’s Kidneys, Shive’s barrel painting showcases the significance and beauty of Ohio’s wetlands.

Photo courtesy of Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District

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