Giggles ‘n Stitches 4-H Club Elects New Officers

In the Giggles ‘n Stitches 4-H club, everyone’s excited about sewing; the younger girls learn about patterns, fabric, and how to run a sewing machine, while the more experienced members learn how to put in a zipper, how to sew sleeves, and other skills. This 4-H club is a group of girls who love to sew, meeting to discuss club business, and work on their sewing projects at least once a month at the Auburn Town Hall. They display the outfits they create each year at the Geauga County 4-H Style Revue in July, the Geauga County Fair in September, and the Ohio State Fair.

At the club’s March meeting, the members elected their new officers for this year: Graycen Wood continues as president, and Amy Dyke remains vice president. Our new secretary is Sheila Roberts, and her junior secretary is Sarah Ward, while our next treasurer will be Caroline Walker, with her junior treasurer Ashley Knittel. Susie Roberts was voted news reporter, and Lillian Ostrander’s first office is hospitality coordinator. Returning as health and safety officers will be Katherine Baumgartner and Madison Thomas, serving alongside our new historians, Maggie Eibler and Elizabeth Cooper.

Giggles ‘n Stitches has about twenty members, and all are looking forward to making new garments this year, from dresses, to skirts, to bags and scarves. The club’s advisors are Julia Wood and Beth Ward. They assist the members with their projects and coordinate all club meetings and events.

The next meeting will be Saturday, April 26, 2014 at the Auburn Town Hall from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. New members and visitors are always welcome! Please contact the Geauga County 4-H Office (440-834-4656) if you are interested in learning more.

Written by Susie Roberts, Giggles-n-Stitches News Reporter

Pictured above:
Back row: Sarah Ward, Ashlee Knittel, Susie Roberts, Madison Thomas, Katherine Baumgartner, Lillian Ostrander, Maggie Eibler, Elizabeth Cooper
Front row: Graycen Wood, Amy Dyck, Sheila Roberts, Caroline Walker

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