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Each year over Mother’s Day weekend, Geauga County Tourism hosts a “Spring Drive-It-Yourself Tour.” This event gives you the opportunity to check out several local businesses in Geauga County. Out of 25 stops, you only need to make it to 10. We hope that you visit all 10 but if not you are sure to enjoy the ones you did visit. The Drive It Yourself tour ends at the Middlefield Market on Nauvoo Road where you turn in your map and can enter into prize drawings. There are more local vendors there that you can connect with in case you didn’t make it to their stores on the tour.

I had the pleasure of volunteering at the finale that day and met lots of wonderful folks from all over the area who attended this event.

While I was walking out, I ran into an Amish couple who handed me a brochure about their business. I asked them what they sold and where they were located. Joseph Miller and his wife Nancy said they own and operate a small furniture store called Creekside Lawn Furniture on Swine Creek Road.

Since my commitment to buying local, I just knew I needed to check this place out. I called Joseph that next week and made arrangements to stop by their shop to see what they have in store.

I called first before I arrived to make sure they would be home. Joseph’s wife Nancy was more than welcoming on the phone and informed me that as long as they are home, then they are open for business.

I worked my way down to Swine Creek Road and found their shop with no problems at all. It’s quite easy to get to in fact.

I approached the door and was kindly greeted by Joseph and Nancy’s children. You can tell right away that this runs as a family business.

Joseph and Nancy purchased this business four years ago from Lapp’s Lawn Furniture in Lancaster County, PA. The previous owners operated the business for over 20 years. Joseph and Nancy knew they were purchasing an established business and were excited for the opportunity.


Joseph showed me around his shop and explained to me how the furniture is made. I was impressed that he does this all himself, although Nancy and the children help out too. Nancy handles all the paperwork and finances and the children help sand, drill holes, and put in the screws. Nancy says she hopes this will be a stay-at-home business for them and loves that the children can be involved in the process. Who knows – maybe the kids will take over the business someday?

I think one thing that sets this furniture store apart for me is the quality of the product. Joseph and Nancy explain that they use Cypress wood for all their furniture.

Cypress is an American conifer noted for its color consistency, density, and hardness. Cypress is predominantly yellow in tone with reddish, chocolate or olive hues. It can be stained, painted, or left to weather to a medium gray. Its natural oils make it one of the most durable woods when exposed to moisture that would otherwise cause decay. Cypress is an attractive alternative to redwood, cedar, or treated pine.


At Creekside Lawn Furniture, you can choose from Swings, Gliders, Chairs, Tables, Benches, Refreshment Stands, Potting Benches, Adirondacks, and more.

Each lawn furniture piece is beautifully finished and will add a unique beauty to your home. Plus, just tell Joseph what you want, and he can custom create the piece for you. All you need to do is ask. Imagine having just about anything built in your choice of style, dimensions, and stain color.

They live by the motto “Your Way for Your Home”, meaning that their customers get unique furniture to go with their unique home.

Special orders take about 20 business days.

“We use cypress wood which is chemical free and rot resistant. Custom stain colors are available,” Joseph explains.

I asked Nancy what their best sellers are and she stated the Octagon Picnic Table, Folding Adirondacks, and the Kids Picnic Table.

folding adirondack

Kids Picnic Tables

I myself purchased the Single Low Back Glider.

Creekside Lawn Furniture is located at 17245 Swine Creek Road in Middlefield. Feel free to stop by to visit their shop.

“We are open anytime. Just stop in or call ahead to make sure we are here,” says Nancy.

They also ship anywhere in the U.S.

888-768-7534 or locally at 440-632-1865

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