How Many Futures Has Walt Disney Changed? Is Yours Next?

Creativity is an amazing thing. There is no beginning and there is no end; not for the creator and not for those who engage with the end product. It’s like a cell that continues to divide and multiply and send out a life force which does it all over again.

I wonder if that is what Walt Disney thought about when the idea of an amusement park entered into his mind? We will never know. But what we do know is that the impact it has had on peoples’ lives can last a lifetime; that it has brought an immeasurable degree of joy and has added to the specialness of relationships between those who have visited there together.

Kristen, an authorized Disney vacation planner with Beaches & Dream Travel in Burton who has been there dozens of times says this,

 “It is the little things that make me love Disney. The incredibly creative minds that think of every detail so that waiting in line for an attraction is an experience all on its own. It is the fun way they make you dream like never before. It is the quality and execution of everything they do to make each family’s trip magical.”

Kristen's family

Kristen is a mom of two young kids, but her love for Disney started long before she began experiencing the magic through the eyes of her children. “As a child growing up, my family went to Disney World frequently and some of my favorite childhood (ok, teen and even college) vacation memories are from the ‘happiest place on earth.’ Over the years, I have continued to vacation (whenever possible) at Disney World. I quickly won over my husband to frequent trips with Disney’s dining plan by letting him pick most of the restaurants. And there were many friends who came over with their kids for play dates so we could ‘talk Disney’ before they headed out on their own trips.”

That was when Marie Lovas, owner of Beaches & Dreams Travel, approached her to join her sales team. “And I have to say, I love what I do! I enjoy helping people plan a memorable and magical trip to Disney. How great is it that I get to talk to people about something as fun as a vacation!”

Planning a vacation can certainly be overwhelming. Calling on Beaches & Dreams, which is a free service, can not only take away that unpleasant feeling, but can actually turn the planning process into something enjoyable in itself.

“We start at the beginning with all kinds of questions to learn what the clients are looking for in a trip,” says Kristen. “We talk through options for resorts, tickets, dining, etc. With our experience and Disney knowledge, we suggest, help, and provide information so each client can make the best decision for their family.”

Disney's New Fantasyland

Once a family books their trip, the of work Beaches & Dreams doesn’t stop. “We work with the clients until they leave, making their dining reservations, developing an itinerary for the trip (especially helping them decide which park to visit which day by looking at parade schedules, extra magic hours, and other insider info), and giving them all kinds of tips to help make their trip more magical.”

And now with My Disney Experience, they can help clients become integrated in the pre-planning process with these new technological advances. “And I have to say, the developments are awesome!”

Kristen’s goal for each client is not only to provide a great experience in the planning of their vacation, but a fantastic time while on vacation! “I love Disney (particularly Disney World) and hope that I can help each family experience the fun and magic of Disney . . . where their kids smile with delight at the sight of a favorite character, their teenagers ride their favorite rides multiple times because they know the in’s and out’s of working the fast pass system, the parents enjoy a great, relaxing meal, and where the whole family creates memories to last a lifetime.”


Right now, there is a great deal for January 5 through March 5 called Play, Stay & Dine for Walt Disney World. When you purchase a package of Disney resort tickets and dining, you can save quite a bit of money. “I recently saved a client who booked back in August over $700 on their trip by rolling them into this new deal!” says Kristen.

Beaches & Dream Travel has exceptionally experienced and knowledgable agents. Kristen herself deals only in Disney vacations. With the number of times she has visited, she can offer her clients her insider’s knowledge of all the best secrets awaiting them and how to squeeze the most in for their money. “We have a genuine interest in each client, helping them with the full scope of their trip from tickets, resorts, dining, attractions and fun. And having young kids myself, I know the advantage of going to Disney with a plan.”

I wonder how many artists, film makers, cartoonists, children’s authors, etc. have had their beginnings from a trip to Disney World? I wonder how many families reminisce about their vacation to Disney at their reunions?

Why not contact Kristen to see if she can make a trip to Disney a reality for your family? It could change the course of someone’s future! At the very least, it will become a memory worth revisiting time and time again.

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