I Can Give You The Perfect Drug

Even though it’s the first week of February, it feels warm and comfortable. When I last looked at the thermometer it was 38 degrees, and I wasn’t sure if I should have left my jacket in the car, but I decided to leave it on, open in the front. The sun was setting, and the orange glow mixed up into the pinks and reds in the sky.


The first few days of February always bring me hope. It’s when I begin to notice that it’s staying lighter longer and longer. Today is no exception. As I stroll down the path, the snow and ice crunches softly under my feet. The path is paved with asphalt underneath, and since the sun has washed it gently for the past few hours, there are some dark spots that have revealed themselves. The path was half covered with snow and ice, but now some asphalt spots are scattered along it – warm dry areas – and I think I can see a little steam still rising from them.

trail in the woods

All of us crave peace, happiness, and comfort. There are so many “fixes” that we find handed to us or presented as the next best thing, and yet none of them seem to work that well. We all want that “perfect drug”, that “perfect fix”. But in reality, we won’t find it out there. The perfect drug is found deep inside our own souls, in the simplest of actions, in the purest of thoughts, and in the emptying of our own minds.

A simple walk in the park can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. Over the past year, I’ve enjoyed so many peaceful times in our beautiful local parks, and I’ve found that a walk in the park is my perfect drug. Strolling down a simple path with a friend or alone with my own thoughts is so therapeutic. I never understood how wonderful walking could be until I moved to Chicago a few years ago. It was there that I walked nearly every part of the city, and during the years that I lived there, I fell in love with walking.

trail in the woods

So when you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, or stressed out, think about taking a walk. Walk by yourself or with a friend, take your dog or your child; but whatever you decide to do, get out there and take a walk. You’ll be surprised to find that walking is the perfect drug.

Where is your favorite place to walk in Geauga County?  Tell us in the comments below.

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