Interested in Hosting an Exchange Student? AFS-USA Intercultural Programs Needs Host Families in this Area

AFS intercultural Programs is looking for host families in this area to host wonderful students like Pablo from Spain!  Pablo is both funny and sporty.  He enjoys playing Soccer with his team, and playing basketball with his friends and skiing with his family.

He is close to his family, especially with his two  younger sisters.  Pablo’s parents both work, so Pablo and his sisters are independent and responsible, but they still value family time.  They spend evenings and weekends together watching  movies and sports , or engaging in outdoor activities . Math is Pablo’s favorite subject and he hopes to become an engineer one day.  His city is close to both mountains and a beach,and he appreciates their natural beauty.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a host family for the upcoming school year and/or helping AFS to continue its mission to ”pass Peace forward,” learn more about hosting an AFS exchange student by visiting AFS-USA Host-a-Family

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