It’s Always a Good Time for Pajama Day

Kids in PJ's

My kids took great pleasure in counting down the days until spring break arrived, looking forward to the fun activities and exciting places we’d go. Much of their anticipation focused on the first day of spring break – a time set aside to sleep in, eat a leisurely sugar-laden breakfast and enjoy a blissful pajama day.

If you’ve never celebrated pajama day, then, according to my kids, you just haven’t lived. Their ideal version of this regularly scheduled day is spent lounging, reading, playing outside, watching TV and then lounging some more – all in the comfort of PJs. This day of relaxation can only be improved with the addition of fruit smoothies, donuts, waffles or pancakes (ideally all four). A successful pajama day ends when they have to change into a clean pair of jammies at bedtime.

However, prior to enjoying pajama day, there was much planning to do. My ultimate goal was to avoid the usual mid-week cry of boredom or the ultimate insult – complaints of a wasted week. To avoid these pitfalls, I came up with a list of suggestions for consideration two weeks prior to break. I included items like crafts, cooking projects and a bonfire at home. I also offered up a trip to the zoo, the indoor playground and a local ice cream shop. I was hoping to spur discussion, wanting their input about how they’d like to spend their week off. They had none to offer but were more than happy to let me serve as their cruise director for their week of fun.

With the goal of squeezing as much playtime as possible in between work deadlines and meetings, we ended up having a hectic but fun-filled week. Amazingly, I managed to get work done while we fit in the majority of the items from our list. The other ideas aren’t wasted, however. We’ll save them for weekends or special days off school. Most importantly, the kids enjoyed their time off and returned to school refreshed and renewed.

Now that their week of rest is over, we’re back to the grind of homework, testing, chores and activities. I’ve decided to hold on to my list of fun stuff to see and do, though. If you’re keeping track like we are, you know there’s less than two months until summer break is here. We hope to squeeze in another pajama day before then and hope you can, too.

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