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208 pounds. That’s a fine weight for someone who plays football, but not for a gal who has a rather petite build. And yet in 2008, that’s what Pauline Burnett weighed, and she freely tells everyone nowadays.

Yes. Nowadays is the key word here. She wasn’t telling people that back in 2008.

“I was on seven different drugs,” shares Pauline. “I had lived a life of eating disorders, bouncing from bulimia to anorexia for decades. I had been to counselors. I dieted. At 34 years old, I had a breakdown at work and left.”

Pauline has since lost nearly 100 pounds, is off all medication, and is a bubbly bundle of energy! What an incredible feat! How did she ever accomplish such a thing?

As I sat with Pauline in the living room of her Middlefield home, she told me her story. Like many who struggle with serious obesity, it was a sad tale of diet after diet, failure after failure, falling in and out of depression, rejection, hiding…. a life devoid of joy.

You can read Pauline’s full story of transformation on her website.

The beginning of the end came during Christmas of 2008. A family photo was about to take place. Naturally, Pauline wasn’t too anxious to hop into the group so she tried to avoid the photo op. “Why aren’t you going to be in the picture?” someone asked. And then he followed it up with this utterly humiliating, crushing blow, “You’re only going to be bigger next year…”

2009 brought several more months of misery and deep depression.

Then on Memorial Day of 2009, Pauline made a decision. What triggers such a choice after so many years of failure? Why would this time be different? Where did this last courageous attempt to try again come from? Those are questions that are sometimes never answered. For Pauline, she attributes that spark of determination to try just once more to God. Because this time it was different!

She made the decision to ACT.

Within a year, she had lost 60 pounds. She had determined to find a program and stick to it, and with God’s help, she did!

“I was very pleased with my progress, but it was difficult financially because the program was not cheap,” says Pauline. She was caught between trying to go on her own or going forward with her current weight loss program which took a large cut of the budget to maintain.

It was then she found a program that actually cost her less than $2.00 a day. It was motivating, fun, rewarding, and affordable. Because it involved so much more than just weight loss, but allowed her the opportunity to help others who struggled with obesity, including children, she decided to begin her own business.

Get Fit Geauga was born!


“This program has changed my life, and I know it can change others. And I am here to offer support from start to completion.” If there ever was a cheerleader in your corner who is determined to see you through and encourage you every step of the way, it’s Pauline. She is so full of life and joy, you can’t help but feel energized just by sitting with her for a few minutes! Her whole story is so amazing and can only be fully appreciated by listening to her tell it herself.

You can find out how to take part in her Get Fit Geauga program by visiting her website.

Pauline is a real person, not a super model, Hollywood figure, or extreme athlete. She’s just like us. She lives in small town America. But she is now living out her potential with a deep passion, contagious joy, and new found purpose in a healthy body with a totally transformed outlook on life. She can help you to do the same.

But you, too, must decide to ACT.

There are several support groups in Geauga County and many wonderful testimonies of women who together have lost hundreds of pounds. “Contact me today and I’ll bring over the first samples along with plenty of personal experience to help you begin!”

Click here, Get Fit Geauga, to start today!


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