Cardinal Schools Kick Off “One School, One Book” Event

After a week of suspense and mystery clues, students at Jordak Elementary and Cardinal Intermediate schools finally learned what book they’d be reading for the One School, One Book reading project: The World According to Humphrey! The book revelation was made during a special assembly in the JES cafeteria on Friday, March 6, 2015. Before the book was officially unveiled, several staff members acted out a skit, portraying characters from the book, which is about Humphrey, a hamster.

As a special surprise for students, Superintendent, Dr. Scott Hunt, dressed as Humphrey the hamster and participated in the skit as well. “The mask was a little warm, but the kids absolutely loved it. The reactions on their faces were priceless… that’s why we do things like this and I’d absolutely do it again, hot mask and all,” Dr. Hunt said. “Reading is the foundation for life and if this event helps our students read more, learn more, then we’ve succeeded in preparing our kids for a better future.”

One School, One Book is a program designed to create a shared reading experience within a single elementary school community.  A chapter book is chosen, every student receives a copy, and every family reads that book at home over the course of a single month.  Activities at school coordinate, promote and enrich the shared reading experience.

Students will be participating in daily trivia contests and an essay contest at school as they read the book throughout the month. “The program is designed to create a community-wide ‘buzz’ about books and to encourage parents to read with their children at home,” says Jordak Elementary School Principal, Kelly Bearer. “While this is mainly a parent involved program, it is our hope that teachers and staff will also help foster a spirit of enthusiasm around this reading experience.”

Students read the first chapter of the book together at the end of Friday’s assembly, and were introduced to their real-life school pet hamster, Humphrey. Humphrey will be at the school throughout the month and will visit each classroom. As one last special treat for students, a “hamster cage” was created for students to leave the cafeteria, complete with tunnels, cage filling and one last high-five from Humphrey (aka, Dr. Hunt) before returning to class.

Emilea M. receives a high five from Humphrey the Hamster before returning to class following the One School, One Book assembly.


Superintendent, Dr. Scott J. Hunt, dresses like Humphrey the Hamster for the One School, One Book skit


Students crawl out of a make-shift hamster tunnel leaving the One School, One Book assembly.


Student Aiden P. crawls through the make-shift hamster tunnel leaving the One School, One Book assembly.


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