Junior High Integrated Design

The Junior High students at SMS write articles for the newsletter “The Viking Voice”. The January issue featured an article written by student Luke Hoge titled ” Integrated Design” he wrote:

XSTREAM games have kicked off this quarter. There are four different activities in which students can participate: Roller Coasters, Arcade Games, Science Scrimmage, and Robotics. Roller coasters are made from insulation tubes, and recycled materials, Arcade games are also made from recycled materials. Robotics is a VEX IQ kit that the students must assemble. They must modify their robot to work best with the challenge that they are participating in. Science Scrimmage is a variation of STEM related activities. Each group will create a project and then make modifications and improvements that will help them move on to the next competition. Roller Coasters and Robotics will have two groups that will move on. One group will move on from Science Scrimmage. Robotics will have two groups that move on. Finally, Arcade Games will have three teams that will move on to the next round. Most of the students said that they liked XSTREAM games because it lets them be creative.

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