Just Look and See

We have all heard the saying, The best things in life are free. How many people really appreciate and enjoy the things that have been given to us just for the simple pleasure of enjoying them?

I took our dog Tinker out for her nightly duty a little while ago, and it was absolutely beautiful out. It brought back memories of when I was a kid. I would go outside on a snowy night and watch the snow falling in the street lights. Neighbors would be outside shoveling their driveways and yelling hello to each other. The smell and feel of the cold winter air hitting my face was magical….like something out of a Christmas movie. Isn’t it wonderful how we can get good feelings and memories from something as common and simple as a snowy night?

Have you ever noticed how smells and feelings can bring back memories stored in our brains? Or are they stored in our hearts and souls?

The smell and laughter of our children and grand children. The excitement of a pet when we get home. A compliment from a spouse. Ice shimmering on branches in the sunlight. A beautiful sunset or sunrise. The smell after a rain. I could go on forever….

When you have a get together with your family, have you ever just looked around with overwhelming pride at what you have brought into this world?

Have you ever gone out on a clear night, looked at the stars and wondered how it can just go on and on with no ending? It’s mind boggling. It almost makes me feel light headed because it is so beyond comprehension.


During our lives, we all have a tendency to search for answers and question a lot of things. Faith for one. And there are scholars, scientists and teachers with so many different versions, explanations or theories, many of whom have tunnel vision and lack common sense. I have found that we don’t have to look far, and the answers are all right there for us to see. From the smallest insect to the largest tree; they all have a purpose.

There are praying mantises that look like orchids. They mimic the flower to trick their prey.

Trees frame life, providing shade, oxygen, food, homes, heat and, of course, building materials.


The birds soar through the sky easily and migrate to the right places without ever getting lost.

Just think…if the sun was just a little farther away, we would freeze. If the sun was just a little closer, we would burn up. We’re flying through space and not slamming into anything or vice versa. Everything is in perfect order.

There are so many beautiful things surrounding us every day of our lives. We don’t have to look far…they’re right there. All we have to do is see them. I mean REALLY see them.

Every single thing has a purpose, and this wasn’t just an accident. It was a plan, and a divine one at that. And I truly believe that one day all of us will have the answers, and we won’t even have to ask.

For now…just look and see.

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Author: Geauga News