Keeping a Commitment to Buy Local in Geauga County

Living in Huntsburg, I don’t find myself traveling to the southern parts of the county to do my grocery shopping. I mostly shop at Giant Eagle or Wal-Mart in Chardon. If I do travel southbound, I will most likely stay with the same theme and shop at Giant Eagle or Wal-Mart in Middlefield. Going any further south would be a journey way out of my way.

I attended a Middlefield Chamber of Commerce meeting in the spring at Healthy Pursuits in Middlefield and heard Lou Ann Marx from UH Geauga Hospital give a presentation on living a healthy life. She talked mostly about ways to keep healthy by drinking water, daily exercise, limit drinking and smoking…you know, all the usual things you’d expect to hear from someone in the healthcare field.

She emphasized how important it is to support local farmers and agriculture by buying produce, eggs, honey, and meats. I don’t know why this didn’t make sense to me before, but now I have made a commitment to buy local from Geauga County.

But one thing that Lou Ann mentioned, which I have heard several times before, yet it never resonated with me, was to BUY LOCAL.

Several years ago, my mom had invited me over for dinner. On the menu was pot roast with potatoes and carrots. She also made homemade bread. I remember her telling me that she bought the roast from what she referred to as the “meat market” on Rt. 422.

I would later find out that the “meat market” was none other than Geauga Farms Country Meats.

In my commitment to buy local, I decided to give the “meat market” a try. I placed a call to Dave Kurtz, store manager since 1989, and I asked him if I could visit his store to write a story about it. I walked through the door a few weeks ago and was pleased to see the store was crowded. Dave knew who I was right away and was excited that I came down to take a tour of his store.

I noticed that Dave always has a smile on his face, and he really makes everyone that walks through the store feel special. He knew most of the customers by name and everyone jokes around with him.

I spent the next 30 minutes touring the store. I learned that all the products are Ohio based. The beef is local from Geauga County and the chicken is Gerber Chicken from Sandusky. Dave prides himself on the fact that if the products don’t come from Geauga County then they come from Ohio.

I was also pleased to learn that they have their own smokehouse. They make wieners, kielbasa, bologna, ham, and bacon. “It’s almost hard to run a meat house without a smoker,” Dave says.

In addition to beef and chicken, they make fresh sausage in its own casings. They also have veal and lamb that you can order fresh or get frozen.

Geauga Farms Country MeatsNora, Verna, Rose, Esther, Kathryn, Bonnie, and Dawn, along with Dave, complete the staff at Geauga Farms Country Meats. It’s a friendly atmosphere and everyone seems to have a good time. The girls teased Dave on a couple of occasions while I was checking out. They all agreed that working there was fun.

Besides meats, Geauga Farms Country Meats also sells local honey, jellies, jams, maple syrup, and produce. Dave also says the Lysanders Brand spices and rubs are a best seller for them as well.

Geauga Farms Country Meats is open Monday – Saturday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. They offer everything from fresh to frozen, special order, and they even deliver. All you need to do is give them a call and tell them what you want. You’ll have your fresh Ohio products delivered right to your door!

Visit them or call today!

14320 Main Market Rd. ( Rte, 422)
Troy Twp. ( Welshfield), Ohio

(440) 834-8476

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Author: Geauga News